What is an eco-luxury Spa?

An eco-luxury or holistic spa is an interconnected system balanced in traditional ritual and modern health science, plant-based beauty products, elemental design, and sustainable business practices.

The implementation of a sustainable business strategy shifts the focus to the triple bottom line- improving ROI in terms of profitability, employee retention (and performance), and environmental health. Consciously designed eco-luxury spas are elevated in the eyes of today’s modern wellness consumers, delivering on luxury without sacrificing unnecessary resources or integrity. The balance of these foundations facilitates a genuinely healing guest experience that is unforgettable. 

As holistic and alternative therapies continue to trend along side environmental initiative, it is natural these ideas will cross pollinate and lend to a symbiotic cultural shift in the way we care for ourselves and our environments. By consulting WELL building standards- air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, mind and innovation- to identify areas of improvement, and in partnership with Green Spa Network, I help spas to realize the potential of holistic treatments and the economy of sustainable business practices. 

Empowering Holistic Transformations
Carrigan Chastain

Sustainability Consultant & Eco-Marketer

With over a decade working in the pool and spa industry, reinforced by an environmental science education, and a strong foundation in sustainable business, I am committed to helping holistic practitioners and modern wellness entrepreneurs develop forward-thinking strategies, and positioning organizations as community leaders in holistic, sustainable business.


As an ambassador of the oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, glaciers and aquifers, I am committed to protecting the waters. I have devoted my life to pursuing avenues of evolution favoring the treatment of our water.

Freediving coral reefs and deep waters has given me perspective on the health of our water systems and the profound effect of our daily choices on the global water ways. 

By supporting the development of sustainable technologies for water recharge, aiding in the restoration of all lost wetlands and streams, participating in the cleanup of the oceans, and rewarding companies holding these initiatives at the forefront of business, we can take responsibility for our water as a global commons, and preserve this legacy for future generations.