the holistic solution for taking control of your business
personal 6 week Workshop + Private sessions

Designed to cultivate clarity and organization in business by identifying your aim, building structure around your goals, and sewing action into accountability platforms. 

Week 1: Future-casting

Week 2: Business Manifest

Week 3: Client + Culture

Week 4: Language + Outreach

Week 5: Fractal Networking

Week 6: Sewing Seeds


6 x 100 minute Private Consultations, via Zoom.

//How is your time allocated? 

//Where does your money flow?

//Who do you love to serve? 

//What is your aim for the remainder of 2020?

//Why now?

Business Clarity comes from the courage to see yourself as you are right now and take action on where you want to go. In uncertain times it is imperitive to refine essential operations and know your clients' needs. With thorough topic lessons, saturated in sustainable business strategies, and accompanied by guided meditations, Business Clarity is a holistic solution. 

Familiarize yourself with every working part of your business and affirm that it operates in harmony as a whole system. With the completion of these weeks you will have a crystalline vision, explicit goals, a targeted audience, sincere language, accessible offers, and actionable plans for growth.

"If you are looking for a program lush with insight, grounded in clarity, & inspired by intuition than Savvy Siren is the perfect person to work with."
- Chanelle Bergeron, moon by moon apothecary 2020

Get Focused.

Take control of your business by understanding how to allocate your time and money in a way that facilitates both productivity and wellness.


Get Organized.

Define your true purpose for being in business, create digital systems and marketing strategies that serve you (and your clients), and build confidence by setting up structures that work for you. 


Get Clear.

Improve the way you connect with your ideal client, develop brand mythos, and learn to communicate with your natural voice. 

  • Intake Questionaire + Introductory Call

  • Topic Worksheets + Tools 

  • 1:1 Private Consultations via Zoom (100 min /week)

  • Guided Clarity Meditations  

  • Hand-picked resources for your specific business needs

  • Customized to focus on where you need the most support

  • Personalized Compendium - mailed to you upon completion of the workshop

get focused.   get organized.   get clear.
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"she is an incredible consultant....always incredibly present, communicative, articulate, & easy to talk to."

-chanelle Bergeron, moon by moon apothecry, 2020

Your guide, Carrigan, on
the value of Clarity

Clarity is found by seeking out trustworthy mentors, courageously answering tough questions, taking your own advice.

You already have the answers. That is why clarity is so valuable- it gives you access to your own deep knowledge, your true genius. When you can move your fears aside, the clarity allows your deepest power to eminate into your work and lucid action becomes progress and progress becomes attainment. 

Carrigan Chastain
Sustainable Business and Marketing Consultant
Founder, Savvy Siren Consulting

Through every endeavor, Carrigan's commitment to service, sustainability, and wellness is present. She is driven and focused, showing leadership initially as a competitive swimming coach- training beginner to national level swimmers. Her natural ability to motivate and empower ambitious individuals carried through 15 years in the Wellness Industry where she has been recognized for management excellence and awarded for leading Sustainable Workplace initiatives. After obtaining Earth and Marine Science degrees in 2015, Carrigan went on to inspire growth as a Peace Corps volunteer, mobilizing leadership development and water supply projects. During this time, her passion for sustainable development became inspired, and blossomed.

From the rural islands of Vanuatu to Raleigh, NC, Carrigan returned to the wellness business: working in an enchanting Hotel and Spa environment, she became trained in Forbes 5 Star luxury service standards and experienced in handling the nuances of sustainability without sacrificing luxury, revenue, or integrity.

Savvy Siren Consulting was founded to improve individual, community, and environmental wellness by empowering modern entrepreneurs with sustainable development strategies.

In dedication to the Water. 

"Aside from all the amazing information & expertise ...I felt like anything I was having trouble with, I could get almost immediate feedback on, which was great, too."
-Chanelle Bergeron, moon by moon apothecary, 2020
what people say

"Carrigan is able to see my strengths and reflect them back to me. Things that other people have never told me about myself. That is hugely valuable & made me want to completely monopolize her time!"

marla moss, raging river media, 2020
Is this workshop for me?

Identify exactly what you're after in the maliable and limitless world of your mind before drawing plans. 

What is the time commitment?

4-6 hours per week + 100 minute Private Consultation via Zoom

Do I need any software or programs to complete this work?

Zoom, Google Drive or any other document reader to complete the workshop material.

Other materials: You will be asked to keep track of progress and take notes in a Business Journal dedicated to this time, and a few exercises will require index cards. 

How is this material presented?

Via email, google docs/pdfs, and Zoom. 

Every week you will be emailed a series of documents to be completed and returned to me before our call- scheduled on Zoom during intake.

What is a Personalized Compendium?

We get deep in the private sessions- riffing on how to make your vision a reality- and that is when the natural voice is so present. Sometimes it's difficult to capture our own genius in those brilliant moments of clarity; which is why I am there to take notes and synthesize. 

At the end of the workshop you will be mailed a 20 page compendium of your work, your brilliant words, branding, and philosophy, to serve as a reference and signpost to your inner wisdom as you create future offerings and messages for your business. 

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