25 Tips from Successful Spas (Marketing, Service, & Organization)

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

After interviewing dozens of spas located in some of the trendiest wellness destinations around the world, I came to understand several necessities to the success of operating a spa business. Today I share them with you in hopes that you push your own boundaries to create a thriving, holistic paradise of your own.

1. Greeting the Guest

Use your spa voice and eye contact when greeting each guest. Your staff should be trained to keep the guest engaged in an appropriate way throughout the check-in and check-out process. Customer service is the #1 factor in securing return clients!

2. Choose quality products that represent the values of your brand

The market is asking for businesses to stock locally made products. Use products sourced as close to home as you can find- including skin care and other amenities (like refreshments, furniture, art, and other decor). This small effort will definitely put you a step above your competitors and it means a lot to clients.

3. Maintain a serene environment

Lighting, music, color, textures, and furniture arrangement- whether your client is conscious of these attributes or not is irrelevant. People are inadvertently affected by tone and setting, and these are factors you can easily control. How do you want your client to feel?

Read up on Feng Shui prinicpals for inspiration!

4. Guest direction

Never leave the guest to “figure it out”. Your clients should be well informed as to what to expect, which direction to proceed, when to arrive, and where the amenities are located.

5. Quality photos only!

The quality of the photo is directly connected to the quality of the spa in your customer’s eyes. Never post a pixelated or poorly captured photo on a website or social account.

6. Post to social media consistently about what is happening in the spa

Consistent, authentic connection is key to marketing. You must feed your local audience the same feelings they visit the spa to experience. Again, we are talking about tone and emotion.

7. Offer online bookings

Link them directly to your booking page (or better yet a landing page!!) from social media accounts, Google, Yelp, Booking.com, and other directories.

8. Follow-up before and after the appointment

This is crucial to avoid no shows! A post appointment follow-up will provide vital information about your spa and create trust between you and your client.

9. Know your clients

Make sure you are collecting data on your clients, and get to know your regulars personally! Have your staff keep notes on their preferences and comments. If it’s their birthday, tell them! Gift them! Make your clients feel special by building a relationship.

10. Simplify your website!

As a spa professional, service always involves an enormous amount of education. It is natural that there should be a tremendous amount of information on your webpage but be sure to keep it organized, streamlined, and easy to navigate.

11. Provide information about the services and facility

New clients are often hesitant or unsure about what to expect. Reassure potential clients by providing detailed information on privacy, security, and a brief history of treatments. This will also help mitigate expectations and customer satisfaction.

12. Engage your staff

Analyze your team and their gifts. What skills or talents remain undeveloped in your staff that could be coached as an asset to the spa? Designate tasks to employees- this will not only empower them, it will also build trust and loyalty.

13. Reward veteran staff members

Give them a leadership role, a raise, a complimentary service, or a new project!

14. Roll with the seasons

Create services and promotions based around seasons and holidays. People are searching for healing in some way when they visit you and, there is no better way to help than to reconnect your client with nature.

15. Outline a marketing plan

Pick your favorite platforms and start outlining a plan of action for the next 2-3 months. This strategy will not only create cohesion to your marketing efforts but also save you time!

16. Use your staff to promote services!

Provide treatments for your staff in exchange for social media posts. This will also increase comradery in the workplace and give confidence to supporting positions, like front desk staff, who spend lots of time relaying information about treatments without much time in the spa or treatment rooms.

17. Give out samples with big purchases

Everyone will remember your generosity and this could drastically drive up your sales in the long run.

18. Gift cards!!

Easy to sell and effective for growing clientele. Be creative with these! These are also the easiest to upgrade because their initial services is “free” for them.

19. Maintain detailed records

The key to any successful business! Maintain records on your clients, invoices, and staff. Even free CRMs will provide fantastic organizational ability when it comes to customer files.

20. Start a referral program

People are talking about your spa anyway, so to help incintivize action provide a service embellishment or discount for referring new clients to walk through your door.

21. Subscribe

To Spa magazines, social accounts, and of course Savvy Siren, to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry.

22. Work with local businesses

Partnering with other businesses in the community is a great way to build trust and share customers. Support each other in growth! Some ideas for collaboration: Farms, artists, skin care products, furniture makers, just to name a few. Collaborations can take on many forms: pop-ups, community events, specials and more. This is a fantastic way to network, create a supportive community, and exemplify the integrity of your brand.

23. Give!

Organize community service projects, donate to a good cause, or run a fundraiser for a group of your choice. This all goes back to your company values, what are you doing for the greater community?

24. Go all the way

Commit to your brand 100%, the sacrifices are going to be worth it to your clients who are looking specifically for YOU! Take the time to develop your concept and brand, then base every decision you make on that premise. It will show.

25. Be daring!

Don’t be afraid to try something new or daring that you know could benefit your clients. Don’t worry about how it will be seen- do your research, believe in it, and commit!

From this list, choose 5 items to work on this quarter and watch your spa or holistic practice bloom. In the near future, I will be diving into each of these topics individually so make sure you subscribe to get the skinny on these juicy tips.