6 Beautifully Romantic Experiences on North Caicos

#1 Amanyara

Ambiance, experience, service: Amanyara will surpass your expectations in all three categories. Open to the public for food, drinks and spa services, this resort provides a “peaceful place” to reconnect with nature and focus on wellness. Eco-engineered facilities and a courteous, local staff invite us to discover natural luxuries of Caicos island, drawing on ancient, cultural wisdom to create an authentic, salubrious experience. Imbibing in exemplary eco-luxury will leave you feeling deeply nourished, grounded, and connected to island culture, you will never want to leave. It is easy to feel at home in the most beautiful, west-facing, open bar- the perfect place to enjoy a Caribbean breeze. Stay until sunset and sip champagne as golden rays glisten off the infinity pool, filling your eyes with star dust.

#2 Malcolm’s Road Beach

Within a marine reserve, on the western coast of North Caicos, sits the pristine Malcom’s Road Beach. Alluring blues and a gentle rocking quell the soul of worry and provide a playground for the explorer, and an explorer you will be to brave the road to beach access. While it is not for faint hearted travelers, with a little maneuvering it is doable even in the smallest rental cars. Trust me, it is well worth 10 minutes on the edge of your seat, spotting for potholes.

The beach is vacant most days and lightly populated otherwise. Whether you’re relaxing on the soft sand or diving in the crystal-clear waters, this beach intonates the day with splendor. Maritime forest provides shade for loungers and, beneath the surface, reef balls have been placed to provide habitat for marine life and encourage reef growth. For those who venture further into the deep- before you realize it the floor will drop to 10 meters beneath you and it is possible to see larger marine life! Note: there can be a moderate current off-shore so, please be careful and swim with a buddy, or not at all if you’re not a strong swimmer. Nevertheless, Malcolm’s Beach may easily fill a day with wonderous joys in the sea, under the sun.

#3 Infinity Bar

If you are looking for a romantic dinner on the beach, this is the place to go! What could be more sensual than fire by the water with rum and lights hung in the trees? With a multitude of seating arrangements and an extensive menu, it is impossible to leave Infinity Bar unsatisfied. Choose between plush couches and comfy chairs by a fireplace, dinner on the beach (call for reservations), a table under the canopy of trees, or a seat at the famous infinity bar, and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

#4 The Shore Club Sunrise

Located on the south eastern beach of North Caicos, The Shore Club is the perfect place to enjoy a sunrise. Walking through the resort you may think you’re still dreaming- the architecture plays with nature in a phantasmagoric fashion, open to the sky and woven into the forest. Loungers spaced out the beach are empty before dawn, inviting dreamers to take part in the sun’s daily ritual. A breakfast buffet is served in The Courtyard Bar every morning, should you venture to stay longer in the luxurious green nest that is The Shore Club.

#5 da Conch Shack

At da Conch Shack you can sit at a table on the beach, with bare feet in the sand, and watch as fresh conch are wheeled out of the sea and cracked open! Conch salad is a dish served similarly to ceviche (with lots of lime!) and is a favorite of both visitors and locals. After full day in the Caribbean sun there is no better fix than this briny dish with a rum punch! The swell breaking over heaps of shells in the distance keeps us grounded to place, reminding a wandering eye of the closed cycle of our consumption.

The jovial women selling jewelry beside the restaurant handmake items from coconut, stone, and shell; purchasing from stands like these, rather than gift shops (where most merchandise is shipped in), is a great way to support local crafts.

#6 Dive the Reef!

Hire out a boat to dive the reef wall just off the coast because the swim is long, and not recommended if you’d like to have quality dive time and safety support. If you’re looking for accessible depth, Caicos is amazing for clarity and depth just 800 meters (1/2 mile) from shore! The reef wall sits10-60m below the surface and drops to over 1,800m! Expect to make contact with marine friends, these waters are teeming with life!