The world is ready for holistic therapy, and this spa is exemplary!

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Hagabadet, in Gothenburg, Sweden

Hagabadet in Haga, Gothenburg, is prominent for its regal baths and commitment to cutting edge holistic wellness since 1876. Weaving through corridors of the bathhouse is like walking through a museum- the tiles, color schemes, architecture, and design style remain untouched; and protected as a cultural heritage site, there is no threat of that changing. In a world that was once only accessible to the ultra rich, you can now find a diverse group visiting the health club to experience a judgement-free healing community, quite unlike any other.

Opened in response to the cholera epidemic and subsequent awareness of a correlation to sanitation, Hagabadet has always been a center for health. Sven Renströmand, a local businessman and politician, donated a fortune to aid Gothenburg in reforming water and sanitation management that also helped the city to open Hagabadet on September 9, 1876. In 1903 a calamitous fire stripped the building down to brick. The community responded within hours to help clear the debris, rebuild, and make way for the luxurious bath house that stands today.

After another restoration in 1997, the spa opened its doors once again, expanding wellness offerings to include many different skin and body treatments as well as, fitness facilities, nutrition consultations, and medical training for self-care.

The member experience is tailored. During the course of two introductory health consultations, a wellness plan is designed to address each member’s personal reasons for joining. Many people seek the assistance of Hagabadet in lieu of standard medical treatment for issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and burnout. Offering over 200 classes per week, Hagabadet caters to all fitness levels and, considering that the members range from 16-94 in age, their recognition as the Luxury Yoga Experience Winner in Europe, by World Luxury Spa Awards, is absolutely astounding.

Hagabadet stands at the forefront of luxury spa experiences by participating in wellness conferences all over the world; the spa continues to evolve with their clientele by adapting trends such as organic body treatments and a multiplicity of yoga disciplines. They simultaneously stay grounded in tradition and identity- operating four pools of various temperatures. With this holistic approach to wellness and business, Hagabadet meets their objective to provide a utilitarian space for rest and movement.

Now operating in three locations, Hagabadet prides itself on serving multiple generations of the Gothenburg community, blending tradition, health science, and holistic healing in their luxurious facilities.